Solar Impulse – Best of Seville to Cairo in a Solar Airplane

André Borschberg’s legacy at Solar Impulse will be remembered as he closed Solar Impulse’s penultimate flight of the round-the-world tour with a flyover of the epic Egyptian Pyramids.

He landed in Cairo, Egypt on July 13th at 05:10 UTC, 06:10AM CET, 01:10AM EDT after 48 hours and 50 minutes of flight from his takeoff in Seville, Spain.

In one flight, the new world of clean technology met the ancient world.

This flight began with a flyover of the GemaSolar power plant in Spain, the first power plant to have found a way to produce energy day and night, and ended embedded in Egypt’s ancient world.

Not many pilots get the chance to bridge the gap between the two worlds in a single flight – and definitely no pilot has done it in a solar powered airplane!

We can’t forget to mention the meticulous planning involved in a flight like this from the engineers at the Mission Control Center, who reached each point perfectly on time – Swiss timing!



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