Rockwell Collins' ARINC airport solutions End-to-End Self-Service

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Airport Solutions | End-to-End Self-Service

In the aviation industry airlines and airports work to provide as seamless a travel experience for the passenger as possible, intertwining their operations to be optimally efficient, cost-effective, safe and customer-friendly.

With more than 80 years of expertise supporting critical aviation needs, Rockwell Collins understands the complex ecosystem of airlines and airports.

From our global voice and data network infrastructure that enables essential communication to data storage solutions for the immense requirements of the industry to the vital displays that deliver real-time flight information, Rockwell Collins is always seeking innovation to keep people moving and drive new revenue opportunities industry-wide.

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Rockwell Collins solutions include:

• PSIM Control and Security Systems (physical security information management systems). Rockwell Collins protects mission critical environments by using integrated technologies for video surveillance, biometrics authentication, interior/exterior intrusion detection, personnel access control, and gate control provisions.

• Airport Systems Integration for more efficient and cost effective airport operations. Rockwell Collins provides comprehensive services to specify, install, and integrate a full spectrum of airport systems. Our systems architecture operates from a common communications backbone.

• Access control and border management systems for airside access, boarding, airport security, border control and immigration. We can assist with design, development installation, and testing of new systems providing real-time situational awareness.

• Baggage management and baggage handling systems for improved airport security and efficient airport operations. Track baggage locations within the airport, at the gate, and on the plane, and match all loaded bags with passengers.

• Multi airline internet check-in to provide passenger check-in services that are quicker, easier, more flexible and less costly. Self service check in with the Rockwell Collins’ ARINC vMUSE delivers space savings, power savings and lower operation and maintenance costs, with the same common-use capabilities as full-size, server-based terminal installations of CUTE systems.

• Common use passenger processing systems to streamline the ticketing, check-in, and boarding of passengers, whilst enhancing security.

• Rockwell Collins ARINC’s ExpressDrop automated bag drop is the world’s first common bag drop application allowing passengers from multiple airlines to drop their bags off quickly at a single bag drop point.





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