How Rolls-Royce tests its jet engine components

Go on the guided tour of the Mechanical Test Operation Centre, Rolls-Royce Deutschland, to explore how Rolls-Royce tests its engine components, to ensure that Rolls-Royce can deliver the best products in the world.

Fatigue life is to understand the number of cycles to failure of a component which is a perfectly normal thing to do for anything mechanical. If it’s mechanical and it suffers load then it’ll have a life and that’s Rolls-Royce’s job is to understand what that life is.

The future of Rolls-Royce and testing in particular is very exciting – Rolls-Royce has products coming in the near future which means Rolls-Royce has new test types.

Learn more about vibration, spinning and mechanical testing at this high-tech facility; and Rolls-Royce’s endeavour to stay at the forefront with patented, state-of-the-art technology and the best people in the industry.

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