How to open sliding cockpit windows?

by Captain Joe

In today´s video, I´ll be showing you some key facts what you have to know about cockpit windows.

What they are made of (Herculite II glass), how thick they are, how the electrical heating system works and we´ll take a closer look at the Airbus Sliding window operation.

I´ll mention all the little clips and pockets around the sliding window and what they are good for:
-Headset cable retainer
-Dimmable light above the airport charts
-Paper clip
-Pen Pocket
-EFB(Electronic Flight Bag) pocket
-Cup Holder
-Sun Visor
-Two control handles

Did you know that pilots have a fridge in the cockpit?

Or that the cockpit sliding window is the secondary escape route for the pilots in case of an emergency situation after an unfortunate landing?

Can you imagine how much six Airbus Cockpit windows cost?