How does the Airbus Fuel System work?

Today’s video will all be about the fuel system on the Airbus A320.

The A320 Fuel system consists of the fuel tanks, controls the distribution of fuel during refuelling, supplies fuel to the engines and APU, cools the oil for the Integrated Drive Generator lubrication system, keeps fuel in the outer wing for wing bending and flutter relief and supplies information to the ECAM and cockpit indications.

Within the cockpit, we have all the related Fuel switches on the overhead panel and the ECAM display showing the Fuel Page after pressing the fuel button the ECAM control panel.

Other than that, the ECAM will automatically display the Fuel page in case of a system failure or warning.

Outside of the cockpit, you can find the refuelling panel on the lower part of the fuselage, below the right-hand wing and a refuel coupling in the midsection on either side of the wings.

We will take a look at the crossfeed valve, and how to operate it in accordance with the fuel pumps to take care of a fuel imbalance.



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