Airbus Side Stick

by Captain Joe

Today’s video is another very important one about the Airbus Flight Control System, primarily the Airbus Side Stick, how does it work, what are the switches for and what to do in case one side stick fails?

We’ll be looking at the general function of the side stick in closer detail.

The two side sticks allow the pilots to control the aircraft manually in both pitch and roll.

They are not linked mechanically, but simultaneous inputs by the Captain and First officer are summed. Not many people know that.

The sum is limited to the maximum deflection by a single side stick. Dual inputs will cause both green SIDE STICK PRIORITY lights to flash and a continuous aural warning,”dual input” will sound.

It is very important for both pilots to be clear about who has control of the aircraft because there is no direct feedback or artificial feel system, like in your PlayStation joystick or similar sort.

Except for a simple spring-centring device, which neutralises the side stick when it is released.



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