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The LSG Group’s LTCC process

LTCC stands for “Look Think Connect Create”.

The whole process starts with the continuous task to research our customer’s market environment, the relevant stakeholders, the customer behavior, news trends and much more.

The more we know about our customer’s customers, the better.

This phase of the process is called “Look”.

“Think” stands for the part when we transform our consolidated knowledge and insight into conclusions that help our customers face a specific challenge.

For the next step, “Connect”, we need to bring in lots of experts.

Based on the requirements, we bring together our own professionals, our customer’s experts and external specialists with which we collaborate.

Together, we develop customized service concepts for our customers.

To bring those concepts to life is the core of the “Create” phase.

At the end of this part, our customers and their passengers can actually experience and test the new concepts on board.