Do Airliners refuel for every flight?

by Captain Joe

Have you ever asked yourself how often does an airliner refuel?

Do airliners only carry so much fuel the need for one flight or more flights?

You immediately think about your maximum weight of your hand luggage you are allowed to bring on your flight.

So why would a plane carry tons of unnecessary fuel around?

I’ll be explaining you the fuel profit tankering procedure which is a common procedure on shorter flights where the maximum take-off and landing weight aren’t an issue.

So I’ll be going through the fuel tankering procedure step by step.
I’ll be mentioning the taxi fuel, trip fuel, contingency fuel, alternate fuel and final reserve and which of these figures are more important and less during your fuel planning.

And at the end of the video, I’ll be explaining you why the fuel profit tankering is not the most economically friendly procedure, but on how airlines become more profitable and use this technique to save fuel.



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