Mysterious Objects on Airbus A320

by Captain Joe

Today’s video will be about two strange and mysterious objects you most certainly have seen on your last flight with an Airbus A320.

We’ll talk about a small little triangle which you can within the cabin, indicating the wings leading edge and trailing edge, but why is that important?

The main reason for the triangle is, to help the pilot or a flight attendant find the leading/trailing edge quicker in case there is a problem with the flaps or slats.

Especially during night it will make it easier to find the window to look out of.

But see more about that in the video.

The second mysterious object I’ll be talking about is the little yellow hook installed on the Airbus wing.

I’ve heard many funny rumors about the hook and its purpose.

It’s all about the Airbus escape ropes in case of an emergency.

See for yourself as I try to explain these two strange objects on the Airbus.



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