Antonov An-70 Plane Taking-off

Revolutionary Airplane Propeller in Action: Extreme Engineering Antonov An-70 Plane Taking-off

The An-70 is a medium and long-range four-engine transport aircraft designed in the 1990s.

One of the special features of this aircraft is its propulsion with counter-rotating propellers, the first group comprising 8 blades, the second 6.

With the An-22, it is the second plane of this company equipped with counter-rotating propellers, device which has also proved well on the Tupolev Tu95, 114 and 142.

Other than its 8 paired, coaxially mounted, contra-rotating propellers, this Antonov An-70 may not look like much, but it’s surely a highlight on any airport around the world, because up to now (September 2015) only 2 of these were ever built!