Will Smith and British Airways Pilots

Hollywood veteran shows off his comedy moves to recreate his big screen flying skills during exclusive Q&A session with British Airways pilots in Dubai to mark the release of his latest film.

Will famously played a pilot who helped save the world in the Hollywood flick Independence Day.

Actor Will Smith reveals in British Airways exclusive Q&A how Ben Affleck drove onto the Suicide Squad set in the Batmobile. The Hollywood legend relives moment the famous Batmobile turned up on set leaving him screaming like a five-year-old child.

Actor Will Smith reveals Suicide Squad co-star Jai Courtney is the perfect travel partner and he’s always getting naked. The Hollywood star tells British Airways pilots Andy Perkins and Will Swinburn that his Captain Boomerang co-star Jai, who rarely seems to have his clothes on, would be the ideal person to jump on a flight with because he knows how to make it fun. Will – who plays Deadshot in the new movie – was in Dubai to celebrate the film’s release.





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