Live a 360º Airbus A400M Experience

Come inside the world’s most versatile airlifter:


Welcome on board!

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The A400M is the proven, certified and in operations Most Advanced Airlifter with 21st Century State-of-the-Art Technologies.

The A400M can airlift in its large cargo hold most of the critical armed forces equipment which do not fit anymore in previous generation tactical airlifters such as an heavy helicopter or an heavy infantry fighting vehicle or an heavy humanitarian excavator.

Thanks to its Combined Strategic and Tactical Capabilities, the A400M has proven better range/ speed/ altitude/ payload/ tactical performance than previous generation tactical airlifters enabling the delivery of Game-Changing Capabilities to the Point of Need that is to say next to a natural disaster or a theatre of operations where strategic airlifters cannot operate.

The A400M enables cost-effective and rapid response to crises.






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