Why fly easyJet for business

At easyJet we are all about making travel easy and affordable.

That means we can help you to get more value from your travel spend. We fly to more primary airports delivering business travellers to their meetings quickly, along with having flexible products and a comfortable and efficient travel experience.

Now that makes business sense!

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Average saving based on analysis of the prices paid for over 200,000 standard seats sold between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015.

Flights departing on easyJet’s top 50 business (by volume) European routes, of which 43 were also flown by at least one other airline on a city to city route basis.

Actual savings per route vary.

Prices paid include admin and payment fees and some other airlines’ standard seats may include extra services such as hold baggage and in-flight services.

At least 45 easyJet seats sold were compared on each route.

Source: Capita Travel and Events Limited November 2015.