Scan&Fly at Hong Kong Airport

Scan&Fly by SITA

Scan&Fly at Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong is one of most exciting cities of today and a visit to Hong Kong seems to be on everyone’s wish list.

And of course, the journey ends with a fast and easy baggage check-in at Hong Kong International Airport, with SITA Scan&Fly.

Join SITA in this journey.

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Scan&Fly at Geneva Airport

Geneva Airport is the world’s first airport with SITA Scan&Fly, allowing passengers to check-in their luggage with or without a pre-tagged bag.

Scan&Fly at Helsinki Airport

Finavia has installed Scan&Fly at Helsinki Airport for a fast and easy bag drop. For passengers this means less time spend in queues, and more control over their own journey.

Scan&Fly Management Information System

SITA bag drop comes with an interactive dashboard, for a continuous optimization of the bag drop process.

MIS collects detailed, real-time statistics to make trend analyses and dashboard reports.