PilotsEYE.tv – SEA777F – C1 Customer first test flight

What happens during the very first Customer-flight (C1) of a just born Boeing 777F?

Chief-Testpilot Manfred Schridde (Lufthansa Cargo) shows and explains the most exciting parts.

Bank angle left and right – will the warning come off?
APU in full flight level – will it start on it’s own?
Engine off in full flight – will it relight?
Flying too slow/too fast – will the Stick shaker warn the pilot?

During the plane’s birth in one of Boeing’s production line manufacturing units, PilotsEYE.tv was given the chance to capture the first nuts and bolts of what would soon become the “D-ALFE”.

“Actually, we switch off every single thing we can – but not at the same time, of course,” says Boeing’s Gary Meiser with obvious enthusiasm.

“And every fault, every flaw we notice during those first two test flights, can instantly be repaired or replaced on site.”

While fleet commander Claus Richter adds “I don’t even want to know about all the things they switch off, now,” the eyes of Lufthansa Test Pilot Manfred Schridde light up in anticipation.

Performed in strict adherence to a preset guideline, the tests are two hours of “pure fun” for the test pilots, providing numerous important insights into the plane’s behavior.

From Purchase to Delivery – this film shows the whole process from the first bolt to the first jolt of a B777-200F, callsign D-ALFE, the fifth new Airplane of Lufthansa Cargo fleet.

PilotsEYE 16 – SEA777F A Plane’s birth – Coming down to Earth

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