SITA – Real-time flight monitoring and tracking wherever you fly

Airlines need to track flights wherever they are in the world in real time. AIRCOM(R) FlightTracker is a new ground-based software system that tracks aircraft and guarantees regular flight position updates.

Recent events have highlighted the urgent need for airlines to be able to track flights wherever they are in the world in real time. Historically, this has presented several challenges.

First, airlines rely on air navigation service providers (ANSPs) to track flights, but the airlines do not have access to this tracking data. The current airline operations systems are passive and do not look for gaps in expected aircraft communications, disruptions or unexpected deviations. And finally, airlines have not equipped their aircraft with any system separate from those used by ATC because the cost across the fleet would be prohibitive.

SITA have developed a solution to these issues. It’s called AIRCOM(R) Flight Tracker. AIRCOM(R) Flight Tracker is a ground based software system that guarantees regular flight position updates and requires no modification to aircraft. It works by gathering data from multiple sources and works globally filling in gaps between any ANSP tracking.

Airlines can configure the software to proactively provide alerts if there is a deviation from a designated flight plan or a missing position report. AIRCOM(R) Flight Tracker also monitors air traffic control logons to ensure expected operations. AIRCOM(R) Flight Tracker works by combining all available tracking data sources including ADS-B, ACARS, and ANSP radar. Additionally, when no other source is available, it uses the Future Air Navigation System that is already available on many long haul aircraft, a system traditionally used by ANSPs to track flights worldwide.

AIRCOM(R) Flight Tracker uses all of this data to automatically detect potential problems and alert airlines so appropriate action can be taken. For example, if an aircraft does not send an expected position report, deviates from the flight plan or does not logon to ATC as expected, Flight Tracker can detect these kinds of events and alert the airline. The airline can also access communications between ANSPs and pilots to ensure that any unexpected deviation from the flight plan is in line with normal procedures. If in doubt, communication with the pilots is just a mouse-click away.

ICAO and IATA have stated that airlines must make use of all available technology to better track their aircraft following recent tragic events.

SITA’s AIRCOM(R) Flight Tracker gives airlines a cost efficient and highly effective off the shelf solution to achieve this. Enabling airlines to track flights wherever they are in the world, making sure that they can keep an eye on their most important assets, their passengers and crew.