• What does a day of bad weather look like?

    What does a day of bad weather look like?

    Dealing with bad weather is one of the most difficult things for air traffic controllers to manage. Its unpredictable nature means aircraft aren’t able to fly their usual routes, resulting in unusual flight patterns that add hugely to the complexity of the airspace and the workload for each controller. We’ve taken a day’s worth of…

  • Aviation is changing and so is NATS

    Aviation is changing and so is NATS

    NATS transforms air traffic management both on the ground and in the air. Find out more by watching this film and visiting:

  • London Airports 24

    London Airports 24

    NATS handles over 2 million flights in UK airspace every year. Of those, over 1.2 million arrive at or depart from one of the five main London airports. That’s over 3,000 flights every day using just six runways. And 99.8% of flights experience no ATC related delay.  

  • NATS – Airport Capacity Management (ACM)

    NATS – Airport Capacity Management (ACM)

    In today’s climate airports and ATC providers face many challenges, not least the pressure to consistently deliver more capacity at lower cost. When demand and capacity get out of balance problems occur: – Lost Revenue – Delays – Increased Service Costs – Poor Passenger Experience – Missed Connections – Reduced Public Confidence Infrastructure development and…