• Behind the scenes at Farnborough Radar

    Behind the scenes at Farnborough Radar

    by The Flying Reporter The Flying Reporter is invited to meet the team at Farnborough Lower Airspace Radar. It’s the biggest and busiest LARS unit in the the UK. The air traffic controllers at LARS units provide basic, traffic and deconfliction service to aircraft up to FL100.

  • Jetstar Price Radar

    Jetstar Price Radar

    With Price Radar, you can find the fare you’re looking for while you’re not looking. Tell it where you want to go, when, and how much you want to pay. When a fare drops to your level, it emails you. That way you can spend your time doing more productive things. Like YouTubing.

  • Schiphol detects birds with special radar

    Schiphol detects birds with special radar

    Birds on runways can be dangerous for taking off and landing aircraft. It is therefore important that we at Schiphol know exactly where birds are, so we can dislodge them. A normal radar sees no birds. Therefore, Robin Radar Systems developed software that we can see very small targets like birds on the radar. The…

  • Storm Chasing for Safety

    Storm Chasing for Safety

    We’re installing Rockwell Collins’ MultiScan ThreatTrack weather radar on our 737s. This is the only radar than can show a storm’s potential inside and outside of its core. What does this mean for you? Our pilots will be better enabled to determine and adapt to storms, getting you to your destination safely, and on time.…