• Hidden Room under the Cockpit of a MD-11F

    Hidden Room under the Cockpit of a MD-11F

    by Air Clips joined Lufthansa Cargo’s Captain Fokko and First Officer Johannes on a full rotation from Frankfurt (Germany) via Nairobi (Kenya) to Johannesburg (South Africa) and back on the same routing. Enjoy stunning cockpit views from 11 different cameras as well as exciting interviews with both crew members. The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is…

  • – MD-11F @ Quito – One Approach & Ten Cams – MD-11F @ Quito – One Approach & Ten Cams

    perfect 10 — Ten cameras in one single picture Eight years ago, started with a groundbreaking number of six cameras in the cockpit. Today they meet perfection with ten permanently operating cameras. The second bonus part shows the full length landing in Quito, featuring all ten cameras in one single picture. “So get your…

  • MD-11F – Abnormal Checklist

    MD-11F – Abnormal Checklist

    This checklist is best – if stowed away. Claus Richter shows us the Handbook for abnormal situations and explains in detail, what to do, if there would be a bird strike. This is an appetizer to the Sequel “Lady’s trip to the closed Strip” – a complete 10 day-tour with Lufthansa Cargo.