• SITA – Smart Borders

    SITA – Smart Borders

    If you want to keep travelers happy, you have to keep them moving. A secure, user-friendly alternative to traditional manual border controls, automated gates and kiosks could provide an answer to the challenge of increasing throughput at borders while maintaining security. Learn more at

  • Automated Border Control (ABC) Gates Demonstration

    Automated Border Control (ABC) Gates Demonstration

    iBorders BorderAutomation gates allow for full self-service border crossing, enabling speedy, fully secure border control and reducing traveler processing times to seconds. Learn more at:…  

  • Proactive Border Security

    Proactive Border Security

    Biometrics and automated border control. By assuring the identity of travelers and the border control process, the iBorders® portfolio helps governments optimize resources, identify risks earlier in the journey and speed up the arrivals and departures process for the vast majority of legitimate travelers.  

  • End-to-end Border Management

    End-to-end Border Management