Concorde Inaugural Flight to USA (1977)

Since January, 1976, Concorde has been flying a regular service to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf.

Now Concorde has reached another milestone in its history with the inaugural flight of the transatlantic service to New York.

From Movietone’s archives we take a look at some of the aircraft that in the past pioneered Civil Aviation, such as the ‘Comet’, the first passenger jet service, started 25 years ago, between London and Johannesburg.

Earlier in November the Queen and Prince Philip arrived at Heathrow in Concorde, having flown from Barbados in a record time. It was Her Majesty’s first trip in the supersonic plane.

Concorde’s inaugural flight to New York left London Heathrow at 10.29 and 3 hours 23 minutes later touched down at Kennedy Airport.

The Air France Concorde also on it’s first flight to New York, arrived just before the British Airways craft.



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