Why do cabin crew dim the lights?

by Captain Joe

Why do flight attendants dim the lights prior to take-off and landing during hours of darkness?

It is all got to do with eye adaptation. If the cabin lights were to be fully bright, and there would be an emergency situation, after a rejected take-off, for instance, you would then jump onto the slide into absolute darkness, as your eyes struggle with the sudden change.

Why does the tray table need to be stowed away and the seat put in an upright position?

Again, during an emergency evacuation, an unstowed table from an aisle seat, could be hazardous for the passengers in the middle and window seat. Many people struggle with the easiest tasks during a panic situation.

If your backrest is reclined, the passenger right behind hasn’t got enough head space in case he has to get into the brace position prior touchdown. Also, a reclined backrest could be obstructive during an evacuation.

Why do the windows blinds need to be open?

Primarily, so that you and the flight attendants see what is going on outside of the plane. Back to our engine fire situation. If you see flames piling up out of the engine on your side of the plane, you know you do not want to exit on that side of the plane.

Watch the entire video for more information and a plane hack you can check out for yourself the next time you are in a passenger seat.



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