What is TCAS?

by Captain Joe

Dear friends and follower, today´s video will all be about the TCAS.

I´m sure you´ve all heard the callout: “Climb, Climb” or “Descent, Descent”, but where does that come from?

TCAS is the system behind this voice.

I´ll be talking about the Traffic Alert part first, and then go into more detail about the Collision Avoidance System.

We´ll go through an entire Resolution Advisory procedure, and talk about a few tricks on how to prevent a TCAS Alert.

At the end I will talk about the procedure itself, why do you turn off the Autopilot and Flight Director Bars during a TCAS event?

How often do I get a TCAS Resolution Advisory and what are the minimum separation altitudes?

I´ll take a closer look at TCAS situations on departure routes which cross arrival routes and how to reduce the risk of a TCAS event.



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