Emirates Boeing 777 chases Lamborghini Supercar at Bologna Airport

Where else in the world can you expect an aircraft to be ushered by a Lamborghini Huracán?

Lucky passengers travelling to Bologna, also known as Italy’s “Motor Valley”, were treated to this impressive sight.

Lamborghini has partnered with Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport to create a one-of-a-kind “Follow Me” vehicle that’s been wowing travellers.

Equipped with a super-aspirated V10 engine and 610 hp, the super car has become a new touristic attraction for Bologna, an already fascinating destination.

Lamborghini’s in-house Centro Stile designed the Huracan’s “Follow Me” livery which represents the city’s skyline.

The front spoiler has been painted in green, white and red, resembling the Italian flag.

The car is equipped with bar markings on the roof, flashing signals and a radio connected to the airport’s control tower.