What is the ATIS?

by Captain Joe

Let´s imagine we´re flying from Frankfurt to Gatwick.

So prior to our flight, me and my captain meet up in the briefing area where we gather all important information for the flight to England.

Information about any possible changes at the departure and destination airport, maybe a taxiway is closed, maybe an Instrument Landing System is out of service or en route navigation aids may give false information, and of course we check for the weather.

Once in the aircraft we have to perform take-off calculations to get the necessary take-off speeds and power settings.

But therefore we need reliable and accurate weather information.

So at one point we´re going to consult the so called ATIS.

Which stands for Automatic Terminal Information Service.

The ATIS is a continuous broadcast of recorded aeronautical information of the airfield.

On all airport ground and approach charts you´ll find the necessary ATIS frequency.

Yes the ATIS is transmitted via radio.

So you tune in the appropriate frequency and then you will hear this:



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