A Pusher’s life @ Munich Airport

A Pusher’s Life – the driving force before takeoff

As viewers have come to expect from PilotsEYE.tv productions, the 90-min film also prominently features a rather different perspective on the fascination of aviation:

as a Munich Airport pushback driver lays the “groundwork” for a successful takeoff.

Gerhard Ruhland has, literally, led a moving life. An employee of Munich Airport for over 25 years, Gerhard pushes and pulls airplanes of up to 550 tons around the runway apron, takes care of supplies and deliveries, and presents PilotsEYE.tv with a few uniquely interesting – and for passengers normally inaccessible – perspectives of “his” planes.

For who really knows what happens below the plane during cast-off? PilotsEYE.tv Episode 17 “Goodbye, Boeing” accompanies one of the last airberlin Boeing 737 flights from Munich to Egypt’s Red Sea Coast.

She’s the most produced airplane in the world: the legendary Boeing 737.

Since her inaugural flight in 1967, over 9000 models have left the assembly line, taking countless passengers up into the skies. But in several German airlines, the venerated 737 is looking at her well-deserved retirement.

Before the end of the year, airberlin will have finished their gradual, two year-long phase-out of their complete Boeing fleet and, for economical reasons, operate exclusively with Airbus planes from then on. PilotsEYE.tv had the opportunity to join one of the last active 737s on her trip to sunny Egypt.

For the very first time featuring commentary by both pilots, Episode 17 offers viewers the chance to experience a complete round-trip from Bavaria‘s Munich to the Red Sea’s premiere bathing resort, right from the best seat on the plane – including both technical and personal histories.

A not insignificant challenge for the filmmakers, as the 737’s comparatively small cockpit is the smallest space they have ever shot with 10 cameras simultaneously.

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