United-Boeing 787-Dreamliner

United Airlines celebrates its 90th birthday

United – 90 Years in One Minute

The acquired, merged and subsidiary carriers of United Airlines.

United – 90 Years of Global Impact

For 90 years, United have made the larger world a smaller place.

United has transported over 4 billion people and currently operate nearly 5,000 flights a day to 342 airports across six continents.

United – 90 Years of Innovation “Firsts”

From United’s first flight in a Swallow aircraft to becoming the first U.S. airline to begin use of commercial-scale biofuel, we’re looking back on 90 years of innovation as we celebrate our 90th birthday.

United – CEO Oscar Munoz Thanks Customers

United’s President and CEO Oscar Munoz thanks the customers as the company celebrates its 90th birthday.