Dangerous Landing @ Antonio Nariño Airport

Dangerous Landing @ Antonio Nariño Airport

Antonio Nariño Airport (IATA: PSO, ICAO: SKPS) is located in the town of Chachagüí and serves the city of Pasto, which is located 35km away from the airport. The airport only handles domestic flights in addition to military operations and private charters

Elevation AMSL: 5.951 ft

The airport’s runway was built on a plateau of 50 meters because of the surrounding terrain. Due to this, many pilots refer to the airport as an aircraft carrier. The runway is also relatively short for the altitude at which the airport is at.

The position of the runway means that it is often rendered useless since, in the presence of crosswinds, it prevents aircraft making a safe take off and landing. Crosswinds are common during the summer, particularly during the month of August.

Since 2007, the runway has been equipped with an Localizer, which permits airport operations during the night and when there is low visibility.

However, a suitable place is being sought for to build a new airport due to the big increase in passengers and cargo and also since the current airport is often closed due to poor weather conditions.



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