easyJet - Introducing Mobile Host

easyJet – Introducing Mobile Host

From 13th April 2015, easyJet’s Mobile Host will guide passengers through the airport process whether it be a reminder to check in online before travelling to the airport, providing directions to the best bag drop area or giving live flight updates and directions to the gate as soon as it is open.

The innovative Mobile Host combines live data from London Gatwick Airport together with the passengers flight itinerary and location in the airport from Google indoor maps to present the most useful instructions and updates at every step on the passenger’s ‘day of travel’.

The intelligent combination of the customer’s booking details, location and time, with Google indoor maps and live airport data direct from source, ensures that the Mobile Host can calculate true journey context and apply relevant and timely assistance via the easyJet app.

Initially the service will launch on iPhones for passengers travelling to and from London Gatwick Airport, easyJet’s biggest base.

The feature is available in seven languages and will significantly enhance the overall passenger experience every time they fly with easyJet.

Key Features of easyJet Mobile Host

• On your arrival into London Gatwick you will get an alert welcoming you to the airport and inviting you to try the Mobile Host
• Once at the airport, the Mobile Host provides you with information and a map to Bag drop area if you have a bag to drop
• Or, with information and a map to Departures if you have no bag to drop
• At departures lounge, you will get a push notification with your gate number and a map to guide you to your boarding gate
• On arrival, Mobile Host will send you a bag reclaim push notification if you have a bag to collect and a map to guide you to your reclaim belt