Air France-KLM - Airbus A350 MRO Ad

Air France-KLM – Airbus A350 MRO Ad

Air France Industries – KLM Engineering & Maintenance

Connect Your A350 to our MRO-Airline Adaptiveness

AFI KLM E&M is the only MRO to form part of an airline group that has ordered A380s, 787s and A350s.

On the strength of this unique expertise, AFI KLM E&M has been shaping its industrial development program
ever since the A350’s maiden flight.

As a result, your own A350 can now reap the benefits of AFI KLM E&M ADAPTIVENESS®.

ADAPTIVENESS® is our response to the changing MRO business environment.

It means partnering with you and providing vital support through change and daily challenges, in a spirit of continuous

If you seek efficient MRO solutions for your A350 leading to optimized MTBRs and overall performance, talk to us about ADAPTIVENESS®.

Air France-KLM - Airbus A350 MRO Ad