Gatwick to be the World’s Most Efficient Two-Runway Airport

An expanded Gatwick would be the world’s most efficient two-runway airport – flexible and responsive to meet the changing needs of passengers and airlines – as this new animation produced by Sir Terry Farrell shows.

The plans demonstrate how queues will be eliminated, passenger transit through the airport will be sped up, and aircraft turn-around will match the quickest in the world.

World class improvements and services at Gatwick will include:

• self-service bag drops and electronic security gates that will eliminate queues
• passengers will reach boarding gates just 30 minutes after arriving at the airport
• Gatwick will match the world’s quickest aircraft turnaround times
• exceptionally short taxiing times reducing operating costs and engine emissions
• push back to take off will be just seven minutes (compared to 45 minutes at a more complex and sprawling three runway Heathrow)
• passengers will connect with flights leaving from different terminals in just 45 minutes, compared to 105 at Heathrow, and
• connection times from the same terminal at Gatwick will be just 30 minutes.