Qatar A380

From Concept to Reality – Qatar Airways Airbus A380

Episode 1: The Assembly Line

The Qatar Airways A380 journey begins with the arrival of the component parts to build our aircraft.

The fuselage, wings, tail fin and engines come together in France to be assembled into our first A380 aircraft, after which it embarks on its inaugural test flight sporting the Qatar Airways Oryx on its tail fin.

Episode 2: The Artwork

After its successful test flight, the Qatar Airways Airbus A380 receives its full livery across the entire aircraft in the paintshop.

With Qatar adorning the sides and under the aircraft, our A380 now looks the part.

Episode 3: Building The Experience

With the Qatar Airways Airbus A380 freshly painted, it’s time to outfit the aircraft interior and cabin configuration.

With a tri-class cabin configuration (First, Business, and Economy) across two decks, Qatar Airways is redefining the passenger experience with more storage and seating space, and improved comfort for every passenger.

Episode 4: The Delivery

As Qatar Airways’ first Airbus A380 is now fully painted and fitted out, it takes a second series of test flights to proceed towards final certification before delivery.

Then, after every part of the aircraft is tested and checked during hours of test flights, the Airbus A380 is finally ready to touchdown in Doha and join the growing Qatar Airways fleet.