Singapore Airlines B777-300 Flight Experience: SQ950 SIN-CGK

Welcome onboard this Singapore Airlines B777-300 morning flight experience from Singapore to Jakarta.

As it was the first flight of the day from Singapore to Jakarta, it was a full flight and many of the passengers were business people who were heading for work or meetings in the Indonesian capital.

I requested a special meal for this flight and a nice steward confirmed my special meal request before take off. As we took off from Changi Airport, the sun rose over the horizon.

I was served my seafood meal (SFML) which turned out to be salmon omelette. It tasted OK. I had tea to go with my meal. The meal choices for the normal meals were frittata with chicken sauce and prawn noodles.

We landed in Jakarta early. It was a very lovely flight with Singapore Airlines. The cabin crew were very professional and polite. I’m sure the business travelers on this flight also appreciate the hot breakfast served before starting their new work day in Jakarta.