A Greener Tomorrow | Emirates

In 2013 Emirates’ launched a new Environmental initiative ‘A Greener Tomorrow’. The aim was to support not-for profit environmental or conservation organisations by providing a funding award of up to USD 150,000.

The money for ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ was raised through employee recycling programmes across the Emirates Group, ranging from paper recycling in the offices, to clothes recycling at home, to the recycling of seat components on board our aircraft.

We called upon our passengers, employees, Facebook fans, universities and members of the general public to nominate eligible organisations, as well as encouraging environmental and conservation organisations to nominate themselves.

Over 400 nominations were submitted, from countries across the Emirates network and beyond. The applications spanned environmental initiatives such as animal, land and tree conservation, biogas, environmental research, awareness raising, and green transportation.

The quality of applications was so high that we couldn’t pick 1 winner; instead we decided to give funding awards to 3 organisations, supporting 3 separate projects.