Lufthansa Regional Menus: Culinary America

Lufthansa Regional Menus: Culinary America

Lufthansa and LSG Sky Chefs Introduce Regionally-Inspired Menus for Outbound U.S. Flights.

Onboard recipes offer a “taste of America” by featuring local culinary traditions and ingredients from across the United States.

The local products and influences from the four primary regions of North America inspired us:

the best of North American culinary art has been implemented in creative menus and will soon be served on board.

What’s new this time is that all the menus are born from the pens of our LSG Sky Chefs USA cooks. We’ve known for a long time that these chefs don’t just have a great deal of culinary experience, they are also masters of expertise and creativity. We want to highlight their savoir-faire with the new USA concept and have our passengers be a part of it.

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