Emirates Flight EK248: Rio de Janeiro (GIG) to Dubai (DXB)

Flight review of Emirates from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Dubai, United Arab Emirates on the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

As a continuation of the Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro sector, it was a comfortable 12 hour 47 minutes flight to Dubai with Emirates after a short transit in Rio de Janeiro. It was a pleasant journey despite me being at the back of the plane (literally) – I was seated on the last row of the Economy Class cabin.

The mock stars sparkling in the dark cabin created a magical and soothing cabin ambience that allowed me to fall into slumber, which was much appreciated. I was happy that my seat, despite being in the last row, was able to recline just as any other.

With an excellent entertainment system and generous meal portions, I was satisfied with my Emirates experience – my only gripes were several of the lavatories ran out of hand soap by mid-flight and whilst the baskets of fruit and snacks available for passengers to pick in the galley were appreciated, the fruits themselves didn’t look very fresh. Other than that, Emirates was a very comfortable experience.

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